Desperately Seeking Sweet 16!

Ladies, I am on a mission to buy more clothes in size 16+ for all of my gorgeous curvaceous buyers! I’ve received loads of requests for this over on my Facebook page, but despite my many pleas on social media, the only clothes I have recently been able to buy have been in sizes 6-14. I am on my virtual knees (in a VERY nice dress, I might add) asking you to please rummage through those wardrobes and spread the word to your voluptuous friends – I will pay good money for your pre-loved 16+ clothes! As an advocate of all things hourglass myself, I am determined to keep my shapely subscribers happy 🙂

It’s my firm belief that no matter how curvy your curves, you should always be able to find a drop-dead gorgeous dress to show them off in! After all, naked isn’t always acceptable on those special occasions, although this lovely creature obviously didn’t get the memo…

Curvy Model