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How do I Sell Clothes to Cherished?

If you have any pre-loved items that you would like to sell, please contact me using the form below! I deal with all high-end and designer brands, and also with some high street items so let me know what you have and I will tell you whether I can accept it.

If you choose to use Cherished, you will receive 50% of the resale price of each item that I accept. I will send you a sales estimate based on the information that you give me about your clothes – final sales prices will be agreed once I have received and inspected each item. If for any reason you should decide not to sell with me, I will return your items to you.

Selling FAQs

Do my clothes have to meet any specific conditions for you to accept them?

I just have a few rules for items that I buy:

  • Clothes must be clean, fresh smelling and free from pet hair.
  • Clothes must be free of any major flaws, including marks and stains, rips and tears, shrinkage or stretching, colour fade or excessive wear to the fabric (major areas of bobbling or thinning of the material). In general, if you would be happy to wear an item as it is, then it’s likely that I will accept it. If there are any minor flawed areas that can be easily fixed, I should be able to accept the item although this will be reflected in the price that I offer.
  • Clothes must still have their brand labels attached, or it must be obvious where they are from.

What kind of clothes to you buy?

Whilst I mainly deal in dresses, other items of clothing and footwear will also be considered depending on their age, style, brand and condition. Please contact me for further information.


How much will I get for my pre-loved clothes?

I currently offer 50% resale value for anything that I sell. Therefore, if your item resells for £50, you will receive £25 for it. Many people are surprised at how much their pre-loved items are still worth, but I would like to say that unless the item is very rare or sought after, it is highly unlikely to be worth close to what it was bought for when new. For example, my average resale value for Karen Millen dresses is around £30 – £35, even though many would have cost well over £100 new. Of course, some styles would resale at more than this (whilst others would be far less), which would be reflected in the estimate that I give you. I am unable to accept any items with a resale value of lower than £10 – this will also be detailed in the offer that I give you.

With 10 years’ experience in selling pre-loved clothing, I know my market well and I know the styles that will sell, so please rest assured that I will give you the best possible estimate that I can.

How will you quote me for my clothes?

The easiest way for me to give you a sales estimate is for you to photograph your items and email the images to me with a brief description (the photos don’t need to be professional quality, a few snaps on a phone would be fine!) and I will research each item and give you a provisional resale estimate. You can also send your items to me and I will research them and give you an estimate on receipt – if you then decide not to sell them to me, I will return them to you. If you do choose to accept the estimate and it is under £75 in total, the postage price (usually £5) will be deducted from your payment. Please contact me if you would like me to send you a postage label.

What brands will you accept?

I accept all luxury designer brands, as well as high end and some high street. My most popular brands include:

  • Karen Millen
  • Whistles
  • Coast
  • L.K. Bennett
  • Designer/High-Street collaborations like Marni for H&M
  • D&G
  • Matthew Williamson
  • AllSaints
  • Jane Norman (specifically bodycon and pencil dresses)
  • Zara (specifically high quality dresses)
  • Ted Baker
  • Hobbs
  • Phase Eight

This list is by no means exhaustive! Please contact me if you have any queries about the brands that you wish to sell.

How do I get my pre-loved clothes to you?

Provided that you are in the UK, you just need to box your items up and I’ll send you a pre-paid postage label to affix to your parcel. It will then just need dropping off at a Collect+ outlet, or I can arrange for a courier to pick it up at your convenience. If the quoted value of your items is under £75, the cost of postage will be deducted from the offer price. I am based in North-East Kent, so if you are local I may also be able to come and pick up your items from you.

How will I get paid?

Once your items are received and approved, they will be photographed and listed in the store within 1 week. They will remain listed at their quoted price for 8 weeks and when they sell, I will either pay your 50% by bank transfer or PayPal, depending on your preference. You will be paid in a lump sum at the end of each 4 week period that your items are listed. I will update you each time one of your items is sold – you will also be able to track them yourself through my listing page.

What happens if my item doesn’t sell?

If your item doesn’t sell in the 8 weeks that it is listed, I will give you the option of either reducing the price, or returning the item back to you. Usually I reduce prices by £5 to £10 per item, depending on its original estimate. If you chose to reduce the price of your item, you would receive 50% of the new, lower resale price in payment.

What happens if I send you an item that you can’t accept at the estimated price?

If for any reason I am unable to accept your item, provided it is as described when I receive it, I will return it to you by economy post. The price of the item will be deducted from your final estimate. Occasionally I will receive items that aren’t in the condition expected, but are still saleable – for these, I will amend your estimate, and give you the option of either returning them or selling them at this lower price. If I do find any damage or signs of wear on an item that would affect its resale value, I will photograph these and send the images to you with your amended quote.

Why should I sell clothes to you when I could just put them on eBay myself?

There are a number of reasons to sell directly to Cherished as opposed to selling your clothes yourself, the first and most obvious being the time and effort that you will save by letting me do the hard work for you! Successfully selling an item on eBay is much more labour intensive that it may seem – for instance, after thoroughly inspecting each item for damage and mending where necessary, I take  up to 12 professional photographs of every item that I sell, then use software to correct the colours and remove the backgrounds, before creating a composite image for the eBay listing pages. This in itself takes up to an hour per dress. I then measure each item and list it on eBay with an in depth description. All this means that the customer is given as much detail as possible about the item that they are buying, and are therefore happy to spend far more money on it than they would on the same dress in a poor listing, which is reflected in the price that I offer you. I regularly sell dresses for £30.00 or more that have previously sold for less than £5.00, and this is solely due to the effort that I put into my listings.

Secondly, I already have a large customer base on eBay who trust me as a seller, and who know that the items that I sell are good quality – this means that they will be willing to pay a premium for the service that I provide, and this too will be reflected in the price that I offer you.

Finally, by selling to me you can rest safe in the knowledge that your pre-loved dresses and clothes are going to people who will love them equally as much as you have!

Do you pay up front for clothing?

I am currently unable to offer cash up front for clothing, but this is something that I hope to be able to do in the future.

How do I get in touch with you?

You can contact me by email directly here – alternatively, please use the Sell Clothes contact form below!


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