Size is just a number…

If there is one thing that can strike fear into the heart of any woman, it’s those little digits on the label in the back of her collar…

Dress Too Small

After a flurry of listings in the last couple of weeks (take a look at my new additions here if you haven’t already!), I’ve had a number of returns from lovely ladies who have bought their regular sizes from me, but have found that their dresses don’t fit when they get them home. This, along with the wildly differing measurements that I’ve recorded for many items that are supposedly the same size, has led me to believe that labels essentially lie!

Take, for instance, the measurements of some dresses that I listed recently – one was an ASOS size 16 with a waist measurement of 34″, whilst another size 16 from Oasis had a waist measurement of 31″ – in terms of size guidelines, the ASOS dress is actually 1.5 dress sizes larger than the Oasis one, but they both say the same thing on the label! Then there’s the Planet dress that I listed at the same time – it was a size 18 on the label, and had a waist measurement of 39.5″… that’s 8.5″ (or 4 sizes) bigger than the Oasis dress that was supposedly only one size smaller! I would also like to point out that all of these dresses were designed to be fitted at the waist…

This doesn’t only happen with larger sizes either – oh no! I’ve sold a number of size 10 items in the last few weeks with differing dimensions – one jacket had a 27″ waist, whilst a dress in the same size had a waist of 31″. Bearing in mind that jackets tend to be fitted an inch or so larger than other items to allow for layering, that’s a difference of 2 sizes – I could go on!

So, what should we take from all of this?? Quite simply, the size on your labels is just a number, and generally a wildly inaccurate one at that. Go by your measurements and wear what fits and feels right – forget what it says on the tag, because if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to lead to misery it’s attempting to squeeze into a garment whose size is misleading you!


And of course, there’s nothing stopping you from taking a pair of scissors to those pesky labels… as with the burning of the bra in the 60’s, maybe it’s time to rise up and take a stand against the size tag!

And whilst we’re on the subject, just to make it super easy for you I list the measurements for all of the items that I sell, so you really need not fear those little numbers any longer… 😉